Natural Methods For Controlling Household Pests

Natural methods are the safest methods for controlling household pests. This method is considered to be safe and more effective than chemical method. The chemicals used in controlling pests are very toxic. Some of the household pests that need to be controlled include bedbugs, ants, flies, and much more. The following are some of the non-toxic methods used in controlling pests at home.

Prevention measure

  • Preventing pest is the best method of controlling the house hold pests. This is done to ensure that your house is free from pests. Some of the preventive measures include the following.
  • Checking of your package or boxes have pests
  • Removing sources of shelter, water, and food
  • Learning about the various types of pests and the options used in controlling them
  • De-clutter your home-this involves removing the old stacks of magazines, clothes, cardboard and newspapers which would provide hiding and breeding places for pests.
  • Placing screens on the heating and cooling vents as well as repairing or replacing the torn screens
  • By keeping the bathroom and kitchen area dry. Any faulty plumbing lines should be fixed to prevent leakages and accumulation of standing of water
  • Keeping the stacked vegetation and firewood away from your house, this will ensure that pest do not get or hide into your house.
  • Storing food in tight plastic or glass containers-Any garbage having food scraps should also be placed in cans which are tightly covered. Garbage should regularly be removed from your home.
  • Sealing all the places where pests can hide including the caulk cracks and crevices around the kitchen’s cabinets or baseboards.

Trying chemical free methods

After denying pest food, shelter, and access, it is important to get rid of the surviving intruders. This is done by eliminating pests by use of the chemical pesticides. Use of a vacuum can also eliminate These pests. Ordinary swatter can also be used to get rid of pests including bugs and flies. Traps can also be used to trap bugs and rodents. This will prevent them from spreading. The use of non-toxic methods is highly recommended as it ensures that your family and pets are well protected from toxic substances. These methods are also effective and inexpensive.

Know your pests


It is important to fully understand the exact problems caused by the pests before you decide on the control measures of controlling them. This will enable you in choosing the most appropriate methods of controlling household pests.

Using non-toxic agents

Nontoxic methods are used in controlling pests naturally. Castile soap is one of the agents used in controlling different types of pests including ants. Cayenne pepper and eucalyptus oil are also used in deterring ant infestations. One can also get rid of fleas by using diatomaceous earth.